Meeting Minutes – 2022-2023

General Meeting Minutes

2022-2023 School Year


September 27, 2022

Welcome Back to School: You have questions. We have Answers.

Navigating the school system when you have questions can be a time-consuming process. The Department of Special Education and The Family Support Center would like to provide information to streamline that process for you. Join us as we answer questions related to transportation, student health, and safety. We will have representatives from the Transportation Department, Health Services, and the Family Support Center. They will join us to share tips on how to get the information that you are seeking.

September 2022 SECAC Meeting Agenda (PDF)
September 2022 SECAC Minutes (PDF)
Recording of September 2022 Meeting (on YouTube)
Presentation – Special Education Updates (PDF)
Presentation Slides – Transportation (PDF)
Presentation Slides – Office of School Health (PDF)
Presentation Slides – Family Support Center (PDF)

October 25, 2022

Let’s Talk IEP!

Join us for this opportunity to learn about your child’s IEP, the IEP process, changes to the law, and updates to the Maryland Online IEP Template.

October 2022 SECAC Meeting Agenda (PDF)
October 2022 SECAC Meeting Minutes (PDF)
No Special Education updates this month
Recording of October 2022 Meeting (on YouTube)
2022 Maryland Online IEP Updates (PDF)
Presentation Slides – Understanding Your Child’s IEP (PDF)

November 29, 2022

Bullying, Social Emotional Health & Wellness

Students with disabilities are at an increased risk for bullying and cyber-bullying both in school and in the home community. Unfortunately, these experiences can have an enormous impact on students. That’s why it’s particularly important for both parents and educators to take a proactive role in promoting healthy social relationships and positive social media use. Bullying, harassment and intimidation have no place in Prince George’s County Public Schools. Come learn about what Prince George’s County Public Schools is doing regarding bullying, harassment, and intimidation prevention as well as Social Emotional health and wellness for our students.

November 2022 SECAC Agenda (PDF)
November 2022 SECAC Meeting Minutes (PDF)
Presentation – Special Education Updates (PDF)
Recording of November 2022 Meeting (on YouTube)
Presentation Slides – PGCPS Mental Health Services (PDF)
Presentation Slides – What Adults Need to Know About Bullying (PDF)

Additional Resources from meeting:

December 2022


January 24, 2023

The Importance of Secondary Transition Planning: Preparing for life after high school

Secondary transition planning focuses on the goals and vision you and your child have for the future. The purpose of transition planning is to provide your child with the services and support he/she needs to make a successful move into adult life. Are you prepared? Come and hear about critical information regarding secondary transition planning and the importance of the Secondary Transition Plan of the Individualized Education Program (IEP) in helping your child be successful in their post-secondary opportunities in education, future employment, and independent living.

January 2023 SECAC Agenda (PDF)
January 2023 SECAC Meeting Minutes (PDF)
Secondary Transition Planning: Preparing for Life After High School (English) (PDF)
Planificación de transición secundaria: Preparación para la vida después de la escuela secundaria (Spanish) (PDF)
Recording of January 2023 Meeting (on YouTube)

Additional resources mentioned during the meeting:

February 28, 2023

Community Resources for You and Your Family

Join us for this opportunity to hear about the many resources, programs, and services that support families of children with disabilities and special health care needs in Prince George’s County.

March 21, 2023

Leverage the benefits of technology to support learning! with Joan Green, CCC-SLP

Learn how parents and educators can use technology to address executive functioning, literacy, and other needs using assistive technology.

Joan Green is the founder of Innovative Speech Therapy and author of Assistive Technology in Special Education: Resources to Support Literacy, Communication, and Learning Differences.

She spoke at our meeting as part of the 12th Annual Parent Engagement Conference.

March 2023 SECAC Meeting Agenda – English (PDF)
March 2023 SECAC Meeting Agenda – Spanish (PDF)
March 2023 SECAC Minutes (PDF)
Presentation – Special Education Updates (PDF)
Joan’s presentation slides: 1 slide per page OR 6 slides per page.

April 25, 2023

It’s Autism Awareness Month and the Perfect Time to Learn about the Autistic Self Advocacy Network!

Come learn about the Autistic Self Advocacy Network, a nonprofit organization run by and for autistic people. ASAN believes that the goal of autism advocacy should be a world in which autistic people enjoy equal access, rights, and opportunities. They work to empower autistic people across the world to take control of their own lives and the future of their common community, and seek to organize the autistic community to ensure their voices are heard in the national conversation about autistic people.

April 2023 SECAC Meeting Agenda – English (PDF)
April 2023 SECAC Meeting Agenda – Spanish (PDF)
April 2023 SECAC Minutes (PDF)
Recording of April 2023 Meeting (YouTube)
Special Education Update Slides (PDF)

May 24, 2023

Things to do with your child during the summer!

Join us as we share how to make the most of your child’s summer. Learn about the various summer programs, events and resources you can consider as you plan for summer.

May 2023 SECAC Meeting Agenda (English & Spanish) (PDF)
May 2023 SECAC Minutes (PDF)
Recording of May 2023 Meeting (on YouTube)
Presentation – Summer Activities from the Family Support Center (PDF)
Summer Reading Opportunities meeting (PDF)
M-NCPPC Teen Travel Camp Opportunities (PDF) 
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