About the SECAC-PG

The Maryland State Code of Law (COMAR), Section 13a.05.02.13.I states that each school system in the State of Maryland will have a Special Education Citizens Advisory Committee (SECAC). Our organization serves as this advisory committee for the Prince George’s County Public Schools (PGCPS) Department of Special Education.

To learn about SECACs in Maryland, please see the Maryland State Department of Education Technical Assistance Bulletin 11: Special Education Advisory Committees.

Our Mission and Purpose

  • To enable the community to participate in the educational process and to make that process more knowledgeable about and responsive to the unique and multifaceted needs of students with disabilities.
  • To ensure that parents are actively and meaningfully involved in the educational process.
  • To advise the Board of Education, Superintendent, Director of Special Education, and the community at large of the unmet needs of students with disabilities.
  • To facilitate effective communication and collaboration between Prince George’s County Public School System and students, families, advocates and other interested community members.
  • Increasing awareness to foster respect and encourage acceptance of person with disabilities both within the school community and the community at large.
  • To strive to fulfill the intent and spirit of the laws that defines and protects the rights of an individual with disabilities.
  • To receive requests from the Director of Special Education, Superintendent, the Board of Education and the community at large.
  • To research inquiries or concerns and make recommendations or other appropriate responses to the Director of Special Education, Superintendent, Board of Education and/or the community in a timely manner.
  • To provide a forum for countywide citizen input on special education programs, related services and relevant issues.

Board of Directors

SECAC-PG Board: 2023-2024
Citizens of Prince George’s County
Chair Janie Payne RRMPayne@msn.com
Vice Chair Jamie Anfenson-Comeau janfensoncomeau@gmail.com
Treasurer LaMonica Jones moniejones111@gmail.com
Secretary Fredarika Fefee fredarika2010@gmail.com
Prince George’s County Public Schools
Executive Director of
Special Education
Trinell Bowman
Coordinating Supervisor Karen Andrews Karen.Andrews@pgcps.org
Support Volunteers
Listserv & Website Manager  Sarah Wayland sarah.wayland@gmail.com
Community Outreach Manager Sarah Byrne byrne6@gmail.com





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Jamie Anfenson-Comeau

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